First Time Buyers of Gravesite

Total Package cost including the following:

  1. Gravesite
  2. Concrete Liner & its Installation
  3. Opening & Closing of the Grave
  4. Headstone/Marker including installation
  5. Pavers Borders around the grave
  6. Endowment fee

      Total= $4900.00    

- Charges for Weekend extra : $500.00

- Extended hours beyond the schedule time: $150.00 per hour.

All Charges are subject to change and will be notified.

Burial PDF Form

>>Fill and Sign The Burial PDF Form (updated 3/5/2019)

After filling and signing the Burial PDF form above, please proceed with the payment below

Payment for First Time Buyers of Gravesite

Please enter information on this form to make payment for First Time Buyers of Gravesite . The amount you need to pay is $4,900.00 .