Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to take this opportunity to respond to several questions asked by the family members of the deceased and the visitors.

  • Why is there no lawn in the cemetery, why is it not green?

    According to the Resolution Number Z-8621 of the conditional Use Permit’s condition #2, the following is stated:
    “There shall be no use of Herbicides, Rodenticides, Pesticides, Chemical Harmful Chemical on the property.”
    We are obligated to abide by this strict condition for the use of the land and therefore unable to install any lawn at the cemetery.

  • What is the reason for this RESTRICTION?

    This restriction is placed because of the Biological resources of the property and Lake therein. There are endangered, threatened, or rare species and their habitats (including but not limited to plants, fish, insects, animals, and birds). Wetland habitats include the habitats of San Joaquin kit Fox and California Tiger Salamander etc. Any use of chemicals and fertilizers will be harmful to these species. These species are protected by the Federal and State governments.

  • Why do we not allow the installation of Mausoleum?

    In the beginning we allowed this because of inexperience, however, now we realized that this practice creates problems such as ENCROACHMENT on other graves, and difficulty of movement and maintenance.

  • Why do we not allow Quranic Ayaat on the Headstones?

    We have restricted this practice on the advice of the religious scholars of the Bay Area Masajid. (2) We have standardized a design with only the Name, Date of Birth and Date of the Death of the deceased, and the Grave number.

  • Why there are Rabbits, Squirrel and other rodents at the cemetery?

    This is Natural Habitat of the animals, we are occupying their space, it is not possible to control their presence, first because of the nature and secondly due to restriction imposed by Conditional Use Permit. (see above)

  • Why there is shortage of water?

    We have been trying to get a water connection through the City of Livermore for long time without success due to City’s policy restricting out of area water connection, the cemetery is in Alameda County. We have to truck the water through private carriers which is very expensive but we do always have reasonable water available.